Make Me a Board Director

“Our mission is to empower and connect the next generation of directors and unlock boardroom potential for the new economy via the power of diversity. Our award-winning Program is the perfect first step for a Future Director”Paul Smith, Co-founder & CEO of Future Directors

If the CONNECT workshop is designed to help you LEARN our proven method, then the Make Me a Board Director program is designed to help aspiring and emerging directors IMPLEMENT the method!

If you have not yet completed CONNECT then we recommend doing so before proceeding to this program. But, if you are ready, committed and wanting to help Shape the Future from the boardroom then please continue…

What do you get from the Program?

Clear strategy and practical Action Plan to the boardroom that best matches your value and values. We ensure you move forward with all the Knowledge, Tools and Confidence needed for you to get the right board role.



Some of our Faculty (past / present)

Your program will feature several of our Faculty of board directors and mentors. They’ll share their knowledge and insights plus give feedback on your pitch for the boardroom.

This is unparalleled access to some of the best directors in the business.